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Evaporation Materials With Refractory Crucible And Boat

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Specification;  dia 3-6mm   length≤10mmAs customer request Chengdu ultra pure can be customized for customers from UV to IR optical and application of film products, such as infrared filters, ultra high reflective film. Ultra low absorption and scattering of CO2 laser film, high damage threshold laser film and ultraviolet film, etc..Plastic touch screen through low resistance conductive film to reach the world advanced level.We mainly provide the thin film:Infrared coating, broadband anti reflection filmLow absorption carbon dioxide laser film, narrow band anti reflection film evaporation materials with refractory crucible and boat.High metal reflection film, ultra wide band anti reflection filmIR detector on the metal film + minus film, gold / silver enhancement filmHigh power Nb:YAG laser film and other metal enhancement filmHigh power laser film, band pass filterUV laser film, long wave filter / segmentWhite, light filter, neutral filterSeparation filter, beam splitter, thermal mediumMetal, beam splitter, polarization beam splitterLow back attenuation film, transparent /ITO conductive filmMetal film, medical optical filmMetal electrode film1. The substrate material and the target lattice matching degree2, substrate surface temperature3 evaporation power, rate4 vacuum degree5 coating time, thickness.Component uniformity:Evaporation coating composition uniformity is not very easy to ensure that the specific factors can be regulated as above, but because of the principle of limited, for a non single component coating, evaporation coating composition uniformity is not good.Crystal uniformity:1. Lattice matching degree2. Substrate temperature3. Evaporation rateOxide: a silicon oxide SiO, silica SiO2, TiO2, ZrO2, oxide hafnium HfO2, a titanium oxide TiO, 5 oxidation titanium Ti3O5 and five oxidation niobium Nb2O5, tantalum pentoxide Ta2O5, Y2O3, zinc oxide ZnO high pure oxide coating material.2. Fluoride: neodymium fluoride NbF3, BaF2 barium fluoride, cerium fluoride CeF3, MgF2 MgF2, lanthanum fluoride LaF3, yttrium fluoride yf3 and YbF3 ytterbium fluoride, fluoride erbium eRF3 and high pure fluoride.3. Other compounds: zinc sulfide, ZnS, ZnSe, titanium nitride tin, silicon carbide, lanthanum titanate LaTiO3 and BaTiO3, SrTiO3, praseodymium PrTiO3 titanate, sulfide cadmium CDs and vacuum coating materials.4. The metal coating material: high pure aluminum, high purity copper Cu, high pure Ti, high purity silicon Si, high pure golden Au, Ag silver high, high purity indium in, high pure magnesium, high purity zinc, high pure platinum Pt, high purity germanium, high purity Ni Ni and high pure golden Au, Au Ge alloy Auge, alloy of gold and nickel and auni, NiCr Ni Cr alloy, titanium aluminides TiAl alloy, copper indium gallium alloy cuinga, copper indium gallium selenium alloy CuInGaSe, zinc aluminum alloy ZnAl, aluminum silicon AlSi alloy etc. metal coating material.Note: the production of vacuum coating materials are certified by SGS, high purity, less splash point, less air volume, film uniformity, strong adhesion, corrosion resistance, color uniformity and so on..

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