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Evi Heat Pump

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EVI Heating Technology in Split VersionSplit EVI heat pumps are particularly suitable for cold areas. Not only because of the EVI (enhanced vapor injection) heating technology,Website:http://www.speedy-energy.com,  but also due to the split design: the outside unit contains evaporator and fan motor; Compressor, condenser and control system are all arranged in the indoor unit, outdoor unit and indoor unit are connected by refrigerant pipes. A design like this can make sure the water loop always away from freezing even in case of a power failure or maintenance, heat loss and electricity waste will be greatly reduced because anti-freezing running time is shorted or not need anymore. Benefits for You● Various models for choice, heating capacity from 16kW to 90kW.● Specially designed for cold area, low heat loss, no risk of freezing in water loop.● Completed solution for heating, cooling and hot water.● Excellent heating performance at low outside temperature, even as low as -20℃ . ● Top quality and reliability, all important components from leading brands.● Quite operation due to the advance acoustic separation.

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