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Excavator Quick Hitch

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Product Description
Our company can design and produce excavator quick coupler/hitch for all kinds of excavator as customers’ requirements,It can be quickly installed on excavators various configuration parts( scoop,hydraulic breaker, hydraulic shear,etc.) can enlarge the excavator use scope,and also can save time,improve working efficiency.Feature Quickly can simple ,convenient connection or replacementImprove the work efficiency,reduce laborWith standard safety latchSuitable for all kinds of excavator.Parameter:TypeOverall length AOverall height BWeightJoint scopeWorking FlowWorking  PressureExcavator capacityUnitmmmmKgmmI/mKg/cm2tonGLK102101801590-12010-2080-1200.5-1.2GLK3036022023170-23010-2080-1201.5-4.5GLK5049227645230-32010-2080-1204-7GLK100692387108360-47010-2080-1209-15GLK200780490195430-54010-2080-12018-25GLK300970560240460-62010-2080-12028-33

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