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Expanded Metal Security Fence

Product Description

Expanded metal security fence or barrier systems for applications on new or retrofit fences for commercial, industrial, governmental or institutional facilities as applicable to homeland security, or where the possibility of malevolent incursion is significant.
We can also design a site specific expanded metal physical security perimeter highway barriers or portable barriers.
But this type of expanded metal fence system is not recommended for residential or public recreational facilities such as pools, schools, and kindergartens.

Expanded metal security fences specification:
Fence framework
Fences height more than 8 ft.
Posts and horizontal rails, round or shapes, zinc coating or color coating, accordance with F1043 or F1083.
Fence rails:
Fences less than 10 ft in height shall have a top and bottom rail; middle rail is optional.
Fences 10 ft and higher have additional rails. Instead of a bottom rail, panels may be imbedded in concrete.
Fittings securing the mesh to the framework: nuts, bolts, vertical posts and horizontal rails, post caps, barb arms, offset line rail clamps.
Fence topping: barbed wire, barbed tape.
Barbed wire
12-4-3-14R having 4-point barbs spaced 3 in. on center.
12-4-5-14R having 4-point barbs spaced 5 in. on center.
Barbed wire arms for three to six strands of barbed wire to meet the security requirement.
Barbed tape:
18/24 in. single coil helical, 0.025 in. Thick.
18/24/30/40/60 in. single coil concertina, 0.025 in. thick.
24/30 in. double coil concertina, 0.025 in. thick.
Addition to expanded security fence structure: anti-climb panels, wind screens.

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