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Expanded Polystyrene Frame

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Haining Royal Plastic is one of the leading fashion and decorative expanded polystyrene frame manufacturers and suppliers in China, providing with high-quality expanded polystyrene frame building material, welcome to buy expanded polystyrene frame from our factory.Expanded Polystyrene, or EPS for short, is a lightweight, rigid, plastic foam insulation material produced from solid beads of polystyrene. Expansion is achieved by virtue of small amounts of pentane gas dissolved into the polystyrene base material during production. The gas expands under the action of heat, applied as steam, to form perfectly closed cells of EPS. These cells occupy approximately 40 times the volume of the original polystyrene bead. The EPS beads are then moulded into approximate forms suited to their application. In addition to many significant user benefits, EPS offers substantial environmental advantages.Use of EPS actively contributes to a better environment. Some of the ways in which it does so are outlined below. Moreover, EPS makes this positive contribution at all stages of its life cycle, from manufacture, to application, to recycling or disposal. Anyone who needs to thermally and acoustically insulate walls, roofs or floors will find EPS the ideal, cost effective and easy-to-use material in all types of buildings, from houses and offices to factories and schools.EPS is used by civil engineers as a lightweight fill or void-forming material. It is also used as a floatation material. Today, people in all walks of life are concerned about the environment, and measures are being taken in all industries to reduce the impact that activities have on our surroundings. For today’s building and construction industry, concerns are being addressed by the careful choice of building materials, and in particular, the selection of insulation. One product which can contribute towards a better environment in this field is EPS.

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