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Explosion Proof Induction Lighting Mx-yql80

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With good explosion proof induction lighting for sale, Changzhou Maxtree Technology Co., Ltd, which is one of the well-know explosion proof induction lighting manufacturers, is waiting for you to wholesale its cheap explosion proof induction lighting at reasonable price.Application Place:It is suitable in the places which are wet, hard to repair and have high protection requirements as zone 1, zone 2. Also suitable for the explosive and flammanle environments as IIA、IIB、IIC.Technical Specification:                 Characteristics:1, The lampshell is die-casted by ZL102 aluminum alloy and it has high intensity and good corrosion resistance after high-speed shot blasting and electrotatics spray on its surface.2, The transparent cover is made of polycarbonate ante-corrosion materials, adopting the design of diffuse reflection and angle of protection to effectively prevent glare and reduce stimulation to workers' eyes, avoiding discomfort and fatigue.3, Being treated by anodic oxidation, the high purity aluminum relfector has high reflectivity.4, The lamp is well-formed and has design of integration and it is water proof and anti-corrosive. There is a silicon rubber sealing ring between the components, which has a good protective performance.5, The exposed fastener uses anti-corrosive and stainless steel bolt, which makes user wiring start instantly and maintain conveniently.6, The light source, ballast box, and wiring part are installed separately. Good heat dispersion guarantee the long lift of lamp.

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