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Extec Crusher Parts

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Product Description
1. Product Information Offer wide range of aftermarket wear parts to suit the Extec range of jaw crushers . Wear parts are in material of Mn 13% to Mn 22% with or without chromium 2% and high chrome iron alloy. Zhejiang Wujing Machine Manufacture Co.,Ltd has successfully designed, manufactured and supplied a comprehensive range of high quality aftermarket replacement parts for more than 20 years. All the spare parts are tailored to customer's requirements to provide superior wear life, strength, and fatigue resistance.2. Models Support QJ240/C10+part numberpart descriptionmodelJ4270000FIXED WEAR PLATE WEDGEC10+J6000000JAWSTOCKC10+J6010000FRONG BEAMC10+J6020000BACK BEAMC10+J6110000SHAFTC10+J6120000SHAFT INNER RINGC10+J6130000JAWSTOCK HOUSING COVERC10+J6140000LABYRINTH SPACERC10+J6200000FLYWHEELC10+J6250000FIXED JAW TALL TOOTHC10+J6920000FIXED JAW CORRUGATED TOOTHC10+J6260000SWING JAW TALL TOOTHC10+J6930000SWING JAW CORRUGATEDC10+J6980000WEDGE FIXED JAW TALL TOOTHC10+J6940000WEDGE SWING JAW CORRUGATEDC10+J6290000FIXED JAW WEDGE BOLTC10+J6300000SWING JAW WEDGE BOLTC10+J6320000JAWSTOCK TOGGLE SEATC10+J6330000TOGGLE SEATC10+J6340000TOGGLE PLATE 25MMC10+J6350000TOGGLE SEAT CROSSBEAMC10+J6390000TOGGLE ADJUSTMENT WEDGEC10+J6570000JAWSTOCK TOP WEAR PLATEC10+J6580000SIDE PLATE LINERC10+J6590000SIDE PLATE LINERC10+J6600000SIDE PLATE LINERC10+J6610000SIDE PLATE LINERC10+QJ340/C12+part numberpart descriptionmodelJ4200000FLYWHEELC12+J528000025MM TOGGLE PLATEC12+J5390000TOGGLE PALTE TIE BARC12+J4010000FRONT BEAMC12+J4020000BACK BEAMC12+J4250000FIXED JAW TALL TOOTHC12+J4290000FIXED JAW WEDGE BOLTC12+J4460000WALL WEAR PLATEC12+J4580000WALL WEAR PLATEC12+J4590000WALL WEAR PLATEC12+J4600000WALL WEAR PLATEC12+J4700000FIXED WEAR PLATEC12+J6910000WEAR PLATE WEDGEC12+J4000000JAW STOCKC12+J4110000SHAFTC12+J4120000SHAFT INNER RINGC12+J4130000HOUSING COVERC12+J4140000LABYRINTH SPACERC12+J4260000WEAR PLATE TALL TOOTHC12+J4280000WEAR PLATE R/H WEDGEC12+J3430000WEAR PLATE WEDGE BOLTC12+J4710000JAW WEAR PLATEC12+J4750000WEAR PLATE L/H WEDGEC12+J4940000WEAR PLATE WEDGEC12+J4945000WEAR PLATE WEGEEC12+J5270000TOGGLE SEATC12+J4330000TOGGLE SEATC12+

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