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Exterior Wall Panel

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Product Description
Haining Royal Plastic is one of the leading fashion and decorative exterior wall panel manufacturers and suppliers in China, providing with high-quality exterior wall panel building material, welcome to buy exterior wall panel from our factory.Products Detail:Name: Exterior Angle ColumnThickness: 0.9mm (0.035")Length: 3.81m(150")Weight: 0.504(±5g) kgs/m Box Attributes:Width: 25cm(9.8")Height: 20cm(7.9")Length: 3.86m(152")Volume: 0.193m3Pcs /CTN: 10Name: Interior Angle ColumnThickness: 0.9mm (0.035")Length: 3.86m(152")Weight: 0.287(±5g) kgs/m Box Attributes:Width: 16cm (6.3")Height: 11.50cm (4.5")Length: 3.86m(152")Volume: 0.071m3Pcs /CTN: 10Name: J-Shape Strip Thickness: 0.9mm (0.035")Length: 3.81m(150")Weight: 0.121(±5g) kgs/m Box Attributes:Width: 15cm(5.9")Height: 11cm(4.3")Length: 3.86m(152")Volume: 0.064m3Pcs/CTN: 40Name: Connecting Strip Thickness: 0.9mm (0.035")Length: 3.81m(150")Weight: 0.312(±5g) kgs/m Box Attributes:Width: 19cm(7.5")Height: 9cm(3.5")Length: 3.86m(152")Volume: 0.066m3Pcs /CTN: 24Name: PVC Starting StripThickness: 0.9mm (0.035")Length: 3.81m (150")Weight: 0.155(±5g) kgs/m Box Attributes:Width: 24cm(9.4")Height: 11cm(4.3")Length: 3.86m(152")Volume: 0.102m3Pcs /CTN: 50Name: Ending StripThickness: 0.9mm (0.035")Length: 3.81m(150")Weight: 0.125(±5g) kgs/m Box Attributes:Width: 18cm(7")Height: 7.5cm(3")Length: 3.86m(152")Volume: 0.0521m3Pcs /CTN: 40

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