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External Welding Machine

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Orbital Welding Machine Orbital Welding Machine guider is located outside of pipe ends, the bug is sit on welding guider along with guide arrive to 12 o’clock position at the top of pipe, clockwise weld to 6 o’clock position along with guider, in the same way, anticlockwise weld to 6 o’clock and complete whole welding process, this is the hot weld, this Orbital Welding Machine also use for filling weld and cap weld, onshore and offshore automatic welding processTechnical points and advantages of DP Orbital Welding Machine:Applicable pipe size for 4" and aboveWelding bug material use carbon fiber and aviation aluminum which makes weight is lightestWelding bug guide research by our ownselves, which material is by high quality spring steel.Multi function remote controller designed by ourselves, it is also available in extreme weather.Operator-Machine interface can realize management in different welding specifications by different permissions, different computers also can continuously edit the welding specificationMultiple welding torch cable is placed inside of machine nose, get though from front air cylinder center hole and no wearWire feeder and welding torch box are modular installation, wire feeder can adjust wire feeding speed automatically and wire feed resistance test function.Turntable have axial direction and radial direction location mechanismSpecification of DP Orbital Welding Machine:ModelZDP800DBug size (L*W*H)488 * 453 * 315 (mm)Weight (includes torch)15.3 KGVertical work capacity50mmHorizontal work capacity50mmAngle adjustment scope±0-10°Swing frequency (waveform radio 0.99, swing width 12mm)240 OSC/minSwing adjustment0 – 50 mmSwing waveform ratio0 -1Left or right dwell time0 -2 sWire feed speed0 – 15 m/minWalk speed0 – 2 m/minAngle sensor360°± 0.1Wire feed motorCoder controlTravel motorCoder controlHorizontal motorOne step motorVertical motorOne step motorMinimum applicable pipe size114mmWelding methodDouble torch single wireWelding temperature-40℃ ~ +75℃

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