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Extrusion Lamination Machine For Geotextile Epe Foam

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If you are looking for new design, full automatic extrusion lamination machine for geotextile epe foam, or you are going to import high speed PLC control products from a such factory, or you are planning to check the price with a such golden supplier, with large output extrusion lamination machine for geotextile epe foam for sale and providing with extrusion coating lamination machine for geotextile epe foam, multilayer extrusion lamination machine for geotextile epe foam, extrusion lamination coating plant for geotextile epe foam, co-extrusion laminating machine for geotextile epe foam on promotion, Yuzhe Intl Trading Company is always at your service. Ⅰ.Main feature and performance 1. The entire process from the winding and unwinding of raw materials to coating with advanced electrical and mechanical equipment, PLC controller, human-computer interface .It can be used alone or in combination with high autoimmunization joint control; 2. Extrusion and molding speed is controlled by the PLC. The molding roller, silicone roller and assistant cooling roller applying circulating water cooling structure which ensures a good coating effect. Roller clutch molding using pneumatic controller 3. The duplex unwinding adopts automatic rectifying. Coil unwinding and changing adopt automatic conversion, cutting and material joined without slowing down. Unwinding tension is controlled by PLC, which ensures smooth unwinding with high-speed; Double working winding using vector inverter and PLC controller, the coil changes using the automatic switch, cutting the material without reducing the speed. This machine is suitable for paper coating, aluminum foil, unwoven fabric , weaving, BOPP, PE, etc. By its own patented technology, the products have high quality: high peel off strength, good matte effect, symmetrical thickness, good leak tightness. Production of the product standards meet or exceed industry standards. This machine is one of China's most advanced heating melt coating machine.  Main technical parameter: 1.Material feeding barrel and pole: φ65mm,L/D:28:1, mixture: 38CrMoAl, surface nitride, with special mixed segment with great effect and high capacity; 2. "T" shaped elastic mold: the new thin edge mold,Material: 38CrMoAl, with quenched treatment, excellent in toughness and hardness,  be not out of shape with high temperature frequently ; 3.The gear box of extruder motor adopts high strength hard teeth retarder with high obturation; 4.Intelligent digital corona treatment; 5.Unwinding substrate requirement: 20gsm ~100gsm roll non-wooden softness material ,Geotextile EPE Foam; 6.Raw material:  PE,PP; 7.Coating effective width : 2000~2400mm; 8. Coating film thickness: 0.012~0.030mm(single layer); 9.Coating evenness: ±8%; 10.Max extruding output: 280kg/h; 11. Double unwinding, Magnetic powder tension control system, max unwinding diameter: φ600mm; 12. Mechanical speed:0-100m/min; 13. Pneumatic roller for unwind and rewind:3 inch (φ73mm); 14. four roller rewinding,  counting meters automatically, max winding diameter: φ600mm; 15. Dimension size (L×W×H): 8500mm×8800mm×3200(mm); 16. Total power: almost 150 Kw;  17.Gross weight: about 16000kg Extrusion Part Mechanical speed 0-150 m/min Die T-die(Jingcheng Brand) Screw&barrel diameter 100mm L/D 32:1 Effictive film width 2000-2400mm Unwinding&Rewinding Part Unwinding substrate Non-woven, Fabric preparation, Geotextile  EPE Foam Raw material coating film PE, PP, Coating film machine PE, PP resin,etc. Unwinding High-speed non-stop automatic cutting Rectifying jourey ±100mm Rectifying precision ±0.5mm Pneumatic shaft 6 inch The way of rewinding double work type Rewinding High-speed non-stop automatic cutting Pneumatic shaft 6 inch Tension control vector inverter motor Motor two sets

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