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Fabric Laser Cutter

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Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China fabric laser cutter manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with professional factory we are always able to produce low price fabric laser cutter, laser fabric cutting machine with reliable quality.Adopted United States Synrad and coherent metal RF CO2 laser tube, high-speed scanning galvanometer, high precision. Machine control software based on Windows interface, compatible with CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop, illustrator and other software output file. Power controlled by software, can be adjusted continuously, low processing cost, without any consumable materials, marking a wide range, marking clearly, is permanent mark, cutting efficiency, engraving depth can be controlled, suitable for a variety of products.Optical design: The new concept of optical path design, makes the laser mode is good, stable output, to ensure the precise marking and delicate shading.Mechanical design: Use of integrated design, a new way of the light way, the overall stability and reliability, beautiful appearance.Industry application: It is widely used in all kinds of consumer goods, food packaging, feed packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, building ceramics, clothing accessories, leather, fabric cutting, craft gifts, rubber products, shell plates, denim, furniture etc..Applicable materials: Machine apply to paper, leather, cloth, organic glass, epoxy resin, acrylic, wool products, plastic, rubber, ceramic, crystal, jade, bamboo and wood products.Specification:Model               MG-C30 / MG-C60 / MG-C100Laser Power         30W / 60W / 100WWavelength          10.6umMarking Area        100*100mm~200*200mmLine-Speed          ≤7000mm/sLine Width           Min. 0.1mmCharacters Size      1.0mmMarking Depth       0.05-1mmRepeat Accuracy     ±0.02mmMachine Power       ≤ 1.5KWVoltage              220V/Single phase/50Hz/15ACooling System       Air Cooling / Water CoolingWorking Environment  Temperature:5~28℃, humidity

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