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Facial Mask

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Product Description
Feature ● Safe and easy to vinyl mask,filled with a special glycerol gel● Stimulates circulation, helps relieve tired and puffy eyes, facial tension,headaches,swollen sinuses,allergy discomfort and insomnia.● Fully adjustable velcro straps.● Use the handy vinyl pouch for protection and travel.Conditions: ● Eye ache and pain● keep warm● Keep cool ● reducing fevers● temporary relief of headacheDirection for use: Application: cold1.Store in the freezer so that the Eye Gel Pack is ready.2.To use in case of eye pain or injury.3.Approximately 1hr is required to freezer Gel Eye pack.Application: hotMicrowave:(times are based on a 600w microwave.)Place GEL pad into a container filled with water, then put the container into microwave for about 30 SEC(if the GEL pack is at room temperature) or 1 MIN (if the Eye pad is frozen) on high power. After this time, check that the correct temperature has been reached. If not, reheat 10 SEC by microwave.Hot water:Bring water to boil.Remove from heat and immerse the GEL pad for around 4-10 minutes.Check every 1 min to see if the correct temperature has been reached.

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