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Faucet Mounted Filtration Systems

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Jaber Faucet filter system:Remove ContaminantsJaber water purifier reduce many contaminants found in tap water, including trace levels of pharmaceuticals. Learn more about one of these drinking water contaminants listed below and what they can mean to your health.HEAVY METALSHeavy metals such as lead may get into your water from the pipes and plumbing coming into your home. Let PUR filters remove 99% of lead before it comes out of your faucet.PHARMACEUTICALSSome tap water is known to contain trace levels of pharmaceuticals including antibiotics, mood stabilizers and hormones.INDUSTRIAL POLLUTANTSNearby factories and chemical plants may leak industrial pollutants like asbestos in your drinking water.MICROBIAL CYSTSMaybe you didn't know that microbial cysts enter water supplies from animal feces, but you probably do know that anything that comes from animal feces shouldn't be in your drinking water.CHLORINE & CHLORINATION BY-PRODUCTSChlorine isn't a contaminant. It's a disinfectant. But by-products of disinfectants can lead to bad-tasting water and even illness.Health BenefitsThe human body averages approximately 60% water and all of its systems depend on it to function properly. Here are just a few ways that proper hydration helps keep us healthy:KEEPS A CLEAR HEADNot drinking enough water can lead to headaches as well as confusion and irritability.HYDRATIONWe lose water each day, so it is important to replenish. On a daily basis, it is recommended that women consume approximately 2.7 liters of water from both food and beverages. Men require approximately 3.7 liters.TRANSPORTS VITAMINS & NUTRIENTSWater helps deliver important vitamins and nutrients to different parts of the body. It also helps flush out harmful toxins and the substances that can lead to kidney stones.EVERYDAY FUELWater can help keep energy levels up, cushion joints and prevent dehydration during exercise.AIDS DIGESTIONFiber can't do all the work. There are digestive benefits to drinking water, including the prevention of constipation.REDUCES RISK OF INFECTIONWater can reduce the risk of getting urinary, bladder, and kidney infections. Water cleanses these organs and keeps them functioning properly

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