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Fdl- 0271 Automatic Asphalt Ductility Tester

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Automatic Asphalt Tester is extended in accordance with the national standard GB/T4508 “Asphalt Ductility Determination”, National Transportation industry standard JTJ052 “highway asphalt and asphalt testing procedures” in the T0605 “Asphalt Ductility Test” provisions design and manufacturing requirements and applicable to the determination of petroleum asphalt in the prescribed conditions and certain temperature to a certain speed when the length of the stretch to break.
1. An asphalt ductility tester test tank no screw, rail and other devices, easy to install sample;
2. Asphalt elongation tensile tester test the whole process smooth synchronization no jitter, uniform speed, display accurate ductility;
3. Asphalt ductility tester can also do three ductility test specimens to facilitate the operation of parallel samples;
4. Asphalt ductility tester with digital temperature controller, high precision sensors and magnetic circulation pump, circulating water bath full, high precision temperature;
5. Asphalt ductility tester with automatic return function test frame, 1.5 m return time of about 10 minutes, the operation is extremely easy;
6. Asphalt ductility tester adopts computer control technology, high precision temperature control with automatic positioning function tryout location, ductility testing real-time remote operation, very convenient;
7. Asphalt ductility tester using a large screen color LCD display, real time display of temperature, ductility, tensile and other parameters, human-machine interface is friendly exchanges;
8. Asphalt ductility tester pin mini printer using the automatic print test results (ductility values, average and maximum tensile ductility and tensile curve;
9. Asphalt ductility tester is equipped with computer communication interface, can be easily implemented and computer communications.
Technical Parameters
1, Power supply: AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz
2, measuring range: 2.0m (± 10mm)
3, temperature range: 5 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
4, temperature control accuracy: ± 0.1 ℃
5, tensile speed: 10 ~ 50mm / min, frequency conversion stepless adjustable
6, the measurement accuracy: ± 1mm
7, measuring range: 0 ~ 300N
8, measuring accuracy: ± 1N
9, display resolution: 0.1N
10, the data output: (1) RS232 interface to communicate with the computer
            (2) by a micro-printer output

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