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Fdl-0301 Asphalt Penetration Tester (low Temperature)

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Asphalt penetration tester according to the national standard GB/T4509 “petroleum asphalt penetration test”, the national industry standard T0604 “Asphalt penetration test,” the requirements of the design and manufacturing for the determination of petroleum asphalt, bitumen has a penetration degrees, the sample was placed in a constant temperature 25 ± 0.1 °C bath load of 100g standard pin, the vertical movement without significant friction, within 5 seconds in the vertical depth of penetration into the asphalt sample, called penetration bitumen.
1. Asphalt penetration tester with integrated design, easy operation and maintenance;
2. Asphalt penetration tester with automatic chronograph, digital display depth;
3. Asphalt penetration tester has a lifting frame using the coarse and fine adjustment function, convenient adjustment of the needle accurately.
Technical Parameters
1. The maximum penetration: 500 Penetration
2. Penetration accuracy: ± 1 Penetration
3. Time-controlled options: 60 seconds two tranches
4. Control accuracy: 5 ± 0.1 s
5. Heating power: 220W
6. Temperature accuracy: 25 ± 0.1 ℃
7. The standard needle: 2.5 ± 0.05g
8. Thermometer: 0-50 ℃, 0.1 indexing
9. The cooling mode: compressor refrigeration (according to user needs matching, FDL-0302 configuration)

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