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Fdl-0331 Automatic Needle Penetration Tester

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Product Description

Automatic Needle Penetration Determination is designed and made as per the National Standard GB/T 4509 “Test Methods for Needle Penetration of Petroleum Asphalt”, and   T0604   Asphalt Needle Penetration Test” in the Industry Standard JTJ052 Specification and test Methods of Bitumen and Bituminous Mixture for highway Engineering. It is suitable to determine needle penetration of petroleum asphalt, modified asphalt, liquid petroleum asphalt, and residues after evaporation of emulsified asphalt.
The instrument can also be used to test food ingredients solid granules, powders, gels, body frozen and other materials, as well as cheese, sugar gum, butter, wheat its pouring, butter, fermented the like, in the food industry, highway traffic engineering and other industries department can be widely used.
1. It integrates new design concepts about penetrometer all over the world. It is advanced and delicate.
2. It can make determination for needle penetration and cone penetration.
3. Controlled is designed and made as per a computer, it can make determination for needle penetration and cone penetration automatically. The test data are accurate and reliable.
4. The newly designed up and down assembly can be adjusted freely.
5. Equipped with automatic temperature controlling device and magnetic stirrer, so the bath temperature is uniform with high temperature controlling accuracy.
6. All parameters are shown on the LCD in real time.
7. Equipped with a micro-printer, so it can print out test data.
8. It has a computer communication port to communicate with a computer.
Technical Parameters
1. Measurement range: 0~600 penetrations;
2. Resolution: 0.1 penetrations;
3. Timing selection: 0~60 s; Timing error is less than ±0.1 s;
4. Heating power: 200 W;
5. Temperature controlling accuracy: 25±0.1 °C; (the Ambient temperature should not be higher than 20 °C);
6. Data storage: 30 groups;
7. Constant temperature bath: made of harden glass;
8. Stirrer: a magnetic stirrer;
9. Standard needle: 2.5±0.05g; as per GB/T4509, and T0604;
10. Up and down holder: it contains fine adjustment and coarse adjustment assembly to let needle tip just contact with sample surface;
11. Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50 Hz;
12. Memory function: it can save 30 groups of test data;

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