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Fdl-0501 Bitumen Wax Content Analyzer

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Bitumen wax content analyzer is based on the national industry standard SH/T0425 “Determination of wax content of asphalt” and the national industry standard JTJ052 “highway asphalt and asphalt testing procedures” and T0615 “Asphalt wax content test,” the requirements of the development. Applicable to the determination of the wax content of petroleum asphalt, crude oil vacuum residue oil produced bitumen wax content and wax content of asphalt road.
1. Bitumen wax content analyzer measured is designed and made as per distillation Cooling method wax content of the sample, the instrument is divided into two parts: the upper part contains a stirring motor, temperature sensors, gas distributor, specimen containers hook racks, lower half portion of Cooling method and filtering;
2. Bitumen wax content analyzer specially designed gas distributor, specimen containers hook rack, full account of the use of professional equipment, instruments used are more reasonable and more convenient;
3. Bitumen wax content analyzer thermostatic bath with large caliber Dewar, good insulation properties, the observation window fogging is not easy to observe;
4. Bitumen wax content analyzer temperature controller with high precision temperature display clear, temperature control point set up to facilitate the digital temperature controller, precise temperature control, Cooling method quickly, easy to operate;
5. Bitumen wax content analyzer for the floor structure, each time for three samples simultaneously analyzing the test, trial and high efficiency.
Technical Parameters
1. Power supply: 220V ± 10%, 50Hz;
2. Heating method power: 700W;
3. Cooling method power: 1000W;
4. Mixing motor speed: 1200 r / min;
5. Temperature sensor: Pt100;
6. Cooling method medium: F22;
7. Control Precision: ± 0.5 °C;
8. Using environment: temperature -10 °C~ +30 °C, Relative humidity <85.
9. Total power: not more than 1800W

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