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Fdr-0531 Astm D381 Metal Bath Existent Gum Tester For Fuel

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Product Description

Scope of application

Existent Gum Tester for Gasoline is designed and made as per GB/T8019 “Test Methods for Existent Gum of Vehicle Gasoline and Aviation Fuels (Jet Evaporation Methods)”.

Gasoline Existent Gum Analyzer is suitable to determine existent gum of vehicle gasoline, aviation gasoline, volatile distillate, and aviation turbine fuels during tests.

Function characteristics

1,The instrument uses heating system, heating speed, The bath body temperature is uniform.

2, The instrument configuration regulator system, The air intake in the experimental process is smooth and safe

3,Instrument configuration independent of the gas supply system, The hot air flow can be adjusted independently of The pilot hole, accurate and reliable The thermal air traffic control.

4,Instrument uses imported (Omron) thermostat, LCD, High precision temperature control, low failure rate

5, The instrument uses a protection circuit to avoid voltage or current increases damage of equipment and operating personnel


Technical parameters

1.  Power supply:  220V±10%, 50Hz; 2.5kW;

2.  Evaporation bath type and size: aluminum block bath, φ260×130mm;

3.  Holes for testing: 3 pieces

4.  Size of holes for testing cylinder: φ51×70mm;

5.  Working temperature: 160 to 165 °C;

6.  Temperature controlling methods: automatic temperature controlling;

7.  Temperature display: Digitally displayed;

8.  Flow rate display: By a flow meter;

9. Gas source: Compressed air> 1000±150mL/s。

10. Size: 550×370×335mm;

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