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Fdr-2301 Petroleum Products Chroma Meter

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Product Description

Scope of application

The instrument is suitable to determine color of lubricating oils andany other petroleum products as per the Petrochemical Industry Standard SH/T016892 “Test Methods for Color of Petroleum Products”.

The determination methods are as follows: Fill petroleum products sample to be determined into color comparison tube, and then compare it

Function characteristics

1, The instrument uses molding technology made the structure is more reasonable anddurable.

2,  United States YBS optical refraction angle without manual adjustment, clear vision, no blind spots, more accurate observation.

3, Self-Zoom design, light control system makes The instrument more operational.

4, The instrument uses CANOSN color palette to ensure The accuracy results.

5, The instrument by belt, convert color number is easy to operate, no noise. Environmental protection

6, Reasonable structure design can also see The two semi-circular color.

7, Color number corresponding to ASTM D1500, GB/T6540 and ISO color number.


Technical parameters

1) Light source system: automatic control of light source size

2) Cuvette: meet The standard requirements, special cuvette

3) Color palette standard color palette: CANOSN color palette

4)  Zoom system: independent zoom

5) Transmission: belt drive

6) Optical system: YBS optical system

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