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Fdr-2401 Saybolt Color Of Petroleum Products Tester

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Product Description

Scope of application

Saybolt color meter for measuring refined petroleum products, including a set of matching samples and standards with optical indicator test tubes. In same sample under light source is compared with standard color. Reduce liquid column height of sample until sample was significantly lighter than standard color of color chart on instrument and to convert height of Saybolt color. Standard color glass on three - position chromaticity standard pipe may be conveniently carried out swatches replacement.

Paraffin Saybolt colorimeter equipped with heater, for determination of paraffin, during test, flow of wax is melted. Specimen test tube has a 200W chrome steel heating wire heater, with a hinged cover to maintain heat evenly.50W fuel element with a heater to maintain aluminum molten wax-like state. variable transformer may be attached to adjust temperature of sample. Optical observation instrument and rack complete with heater insulation. Test tube fitted with a heat-resistant fiber handle.

Function characteristics

1, in line with GB/T3555, ASTM D156; DIN 51411; FTM 791-101; NF M 07-003 and related specifications

2, three color standard pipe (Three-position color standard turret)

3, test non-liquid wax and liquid petroleum products

4, determination of refined petroleum products Saybolt color (Saybolt Color).Includes a set of matching optical observation instrument having a sample and standardTestTest tube assembly.

5, key components imported accessories.

6, compact structure, well-made.

7, operation is easy to use and flexible.

8, test data is accurate, fast, at a glance.


Technical parameters

1, Paraffin Saybolt colorimeter 220-240V, 50/60Hz

2, entire thickness of standard color (3)

3, semi-thick standard color (1)

4, engraved Saybolt color number and sample column height table (1)

5, daylight lamp, 110-240V

6, frosted bulbs, 60W, 220V

7, Adjustable transformer ,220-240V

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