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Fdsp 5t/h Livestock Feed Set For Animal Feed Pellet Production Line

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Feature Product 1,Advanced technology With reasonable technology, high capacity and low energy consumption. It can produce 5000-15000 tons mash and pellet feed per shift annually; 2,Modular Structure Modular Structure: The plant is compact, occupies less floor space and has low requirement on the mill tower, and needs low investment in civil works. The containerized modular structure is convenient for assembly and disassembly, facilitates the shipment and installation; 3,Multifunction for different material production The production line could be designed to product different feed; 4, Automatic and Centralized control Centralized control: the analogue panel is adopted. All machines can be interlocked and safety, alarm device is available. The operation is simple and convenient. About Us Jiangsu Liangyou International Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd is affiliated to Jiangsu Liangyou Agro Machinery Co., Ltd which has about 20 years of experience in the comprehensive development and utilization in agriculture field. It covers an area of 15000 square meters, locating in the zhongguancun science&technology industrial park in Liyang City, JiangSu Province, PRC. FDSP has sold Feed machinery and fertilizer machinery throughout China and exported to Korea, South Africa, Russia, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Egypt, Syria, Nigeria, Ethiopia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran etc. Main procedures of modular poultry& livestock feed production line 1.Grinding: Before making pellet, the raw materials should be grinded. The hammer mill can grind the raw material ingredients to the required size. 2. Mixing: Mixing is considered to be one of the essential operations in feed pellet processing, using mixer to mix the grinded raw materials. There are three types of our mixer: single shaft mixer, double shaft paddle mixer and ribbon mixer. Both of them can be equipped with atomizing spraying system to add needed liquids, which can improve the feed pellet quality. 3.Pelleting: Feed pellet mill is the main equipment of the whole production line. Our pellet mills are equipped with full stainless steel feeder and conditioner to make high quality pellet. We can supply chicken feed pellet mill, duck feed pellet mill, cattle feed pellet mill, pig feed pellet mill and other poultry and livestock pellet machinery. 4.Cooling: The feed pellets pressed out by the feed pellet mill are hot and moist, they can’t be crushed, screened or packed immediately. The counter flow cooler is adopted to cool the pellets with high temperature and moisture. 5.Crumbling: Crumbling section is optional. It is special purpose equipment to crumble big pellets into small pellets. 6.Sieving: The crushed feed pellets are with different sizes, and there may be some powder. The screener can be used to screen and grade the feed pellets. After processing, you can get the qualified feed pellets without fine powder. 7. Packing: The feed pellets will be packed for transporting, storing or selling by packing machine. Poultry& livestock feed pellets product processing Raw material receiving and cleaning process—Grinding process—Mixing process—Pelleting process—Cooling process—Crumbling process—Screening process—Packing process

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