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Femoral Artery Compression Hemostat

Product Description

It is specially designed to stop bleeding for femoral artery interventional operation. Abandoning not only the low efficiency and high risks caused by artificial compression, but also instability and high costs caused by purely physical compression and closure. It adopted ergonomic pressurization device to stop bleeding safely and efficiently, which can significantly reduce limbs braking time and make patient more comfortable at the same time.

The biological polysaccharide hemostatic materials can agglutinate red blood cells to stop bleeding rapidly, especially apply to heparinization puncture wounds;

It can significantly reduce the complications such as bleeding, subcutaneous hematoma, false aneurysm and arterial occlusion, which make it more secure in use.

Applicable to the femoral artery interventional surgery to stop bleeding;
Applicable department:neurology,oncology;
Product model:F1.

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