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Ferric Nitrate Nonahydrate - Getchem

Ferric Nitrate Nonahydrate

PRICE: contract price
Product Description

We can  supply Ferric nitrate nonahydrate (CAS: 7782-61-8) with lowest factory price,high quality and regular basis.


Specification of Ferric nitrate nonahydrate





Purple or white







Water Insoluble


The results conform with Enterprise standards



More About Ferric nitrate nonahydrate:


Standard: Technical grade

Content: 98%


Loading port: Shanghai; Qingdao; Tianjin

Synonyms: Ferric nitrate nonahydrate; Iron(Ⅲ) nitrate nonahydrate; FERRIC NITRATE 9H2O; Fe-Nitrate 9H2O

Molecular formula: Fe(NO3)3•9H2O

Molecular weight: 404.02
HS CODE: 28342990
UN NO.: 1466  5.1 Class Oxidant
Physicochemical Properties: a purple crystal with Specific Density 1.68 and Melting Point 47.2℃. When heated at 125℃, it decomposes. The product is subject to deliquescence and easily dissolves in water, ethanol and acetone while it has oxidizing property. It will burn or explode once in contact with organic chemicals. It has pungency to skin


Use Of Ferric nitrate nonahydrate

Ferric nitrate nonahydrate is used as a catalyst, mordant, the metal surface treatment agent, the oxidizing agent, analytical reagent, adsorbent radioactive substances.


Package Of Ferric nitrate nonahydrate

25Kg / bag, plastic inside and knitting bag outside, or in terms of customer's requirements.

One 20FCL can load 18MT.



Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated warehouse. Away from fire, heat source. Sealed packaging. Should be easy (to) fuel material, reducing agents, active metal powder stored separately, avoid mixing reservoir. Storage areas should be equipped with suitable material spill.


Why Choose Us:

1.Lowest price

 The price we offered is from the lowest price in China, No commission, no margin.

2. Strict quality control system         

We take responsiblity for the whole process of the deal.Our factory all have ISO Certificate, we have strict quality control system, All of our technicians are professional , they are strictly on quality control.

Before order , we can send the sample for your testing . We ensure the quality is the same as bulk quantity .

SGS is acceptable .

3.Prompt delivery

We have good cooperation with many professional forwarders here, We can send the product to you once you confirm the order.

4.Flexible payment term

We can accept flexible payment terms such as T/T LC at sight or DP etc


Getchem  is professional  platform of Ferric nitrate nonahydrate


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Company Info

Contact Person:
olei jane


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