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Ferrite Core

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Providing with quality and standard customer-made electronic and passive components ferrite core and solution products, Fullstar Electronics is a leading ferrite core manufacturer and supplier in China. welcome to wholesale electronics magnetic ferrite cores, ee ferrite cores, ei type ferite cores, etd type ferite cores, ed type ferite cores, er type ferite cores, planar transformer cores from our factory. FERRITE CORE (for various materials and dimensions ) Features : Material: Mn-ZnAvailable materials: Mn-Zn power ferrite and P3/P4//H5K/H7K/H10K/H12K/H15K Compliant with the RoHS DirectiveCustomized designs are welcomeHigh-frequency and low-loss ferrite coreOperating in high frequencyLow loss and high saturation flux densityGood anti-corrosion performance, no need to surface treatment.Good temperature stability Good choice for industrial applicationAll shapes can be customizedCompact crystalProvide isotropic and anisotropicOEM service Short lead time Compatibility cross series brands ferrite cores RoHS Directive-compliant Various types including ■ EE TYPE CORE   EE5,EE8.3,EE10,EE12,EE13,EE16,EE16A,EF16,EF16A,EE19,EF20,EE20,EE22,EE25,EF25,EE28,EE28A, EE28B,       EE30,EE33,EE35,EE35A,EE40,EE42,EE55,EE65,EE70,EE85,EE120,EE130,EE160,EE220,EE180■EI TYPE CORES   EI28, EI33, EI40, EI40B ■EP TYPE CORES   EP7,EP10,EP13,EP17,EP20,EP30 ■EED TYPE CORES   EED28/20■EER ETD TYPE CORES   ETD24, ETD29, ETD34, ETD44,ETD49 ■EFD TYPE CORES   EFD10, EFD12.5, EFD15, EFD20, EFD25, EFD30 ■EC TYPE CORES   EC28, EC35, EC43, EC39, EC54, EC59 ■EPC TYPE CORES   EPC13, EPC15, EPC17, EPC19, EPC20, EPC25,EPC27, EPC30, EPC19 ■PEE PEI TYPE PLANAR CORES   PEE1407,PEE1808,PEE2211,PEE3213,PEE3817,PEE4319,PEE5821,PEE1405,PEI1806,PEI3812,PEI4314,   PEI5815 ■POT TYPE CORES   P7/4, P9/5,P11/7, P14/8 ,P18/11 ,P22/13, P26/16, P30/19, P36/22, P48/30 ■PQ TYPE CORES   PQ20/16, PQ20/20, PQ26/20, PQ26/25, PQ32/20,PQ32/30, PQ35/35, PQ40/40 and PQ50/50 ■RM TYPE CORES   RM4,RM5,RM6,RM8,RM10,RM12,RM14 ■UR TYPE CORES   UR15,UR18.5 ■UF TYPE CORES   UF9.8 ,UF10.5,UF15 ,UF15.2,UF15.7,UF16,UF17,UF19,UF25,UF30,UF33,UF64,UF65,UF80A,UF80B,UF93,   UF96,UF100,UF105A,UF120A ,UF120B ■UU TYPE CORES   UU44, UU47, UU64, UU66, UU80, UU93, UU101, UU120, UU126, UU160,UU240 and UU300 series ■SNAP-ON FERRITE CORES ■ Welding rod cores YC/YO Type    Applications:Consume electronicInverterPFC and UPSSwitch mode power supplyAmmeter, audio, phone, TV, dynamo, Motors, Meters, Speakers, Sensors, Medical Machine prducts, Magnetic Sport products, etc   Package :  in Bulk

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