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Fhjz1 Stereo Earphone

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Equipped with productive fhjz1 stereo earphone factory and company, Fenghuo Hongsheng is one of the leading China fhjz1 stereo earphone manufacturers and suppliers. Welcome to contact us.The FHJZ1 is stereo earphone with active noise cancelling (ANC) function. Disturbing ambient noise in the low frequency range is sensed by the tiny microphones and deleted by counter-sound (phase inverse tones). The maximum active noise cancelling is above 36dB. Especially apply for noisy environment such as airplane, High-speed train. The product use CCAW driving cell, offer HiFi sound even at the very noisy situation, FHJZ1 is applied for smart phones, pads, players. The product construction meets the  ergonomic design, light and beautiful and suitable, the ear tips have large, medium, small three size, it is safe and environmental , no irritant.Notes: Please read this User Manual carefully before using the FHJZ1 ANC earphones.Packing List1.        User manual 2.        FHJZ1 ANC earphone                  3.        Carry bag                     4.        USB charging cable             5.        Ear tips: Small , Medium, Large three sizeProduct OverviewBasic Operation1.        There are three different size ear tips, for effective noise reduction performance and the best fit, it is important to choose the correct size.2.        To change the ear tips gently and fitting the ear tips to your ear   so the tips gently resets in the opening of the ear canal.3.        Slide the Mode switch to ON, the earphone will turn on in ANC mode, which attenuate ambient noise around you, the Mode indicator turns on solid.Note: When you switch on the earphones in ANC , you may hear a slight hiss, this is operating sound of the noise cancelling function, not a malfunction.4.        Turns off the ANC function to lower power consumption when you do not need ANC function.  The power indicator blinks at lower battery, ANC function will be off when it runs out of battery and power indicator is off, please recharge earphones for further ANC use. 5.        Switch to off mode, all functions are normal except for ANC .Trouble shooting1.        Poor sound qualitya)        Make sure the earphones are powered on and securely plugged into the earphone jack on the deviceb)        Try another ear tips size.c)        Try another device or music application2.        Earphones not workinga)        Make sure that the  battery has power and  the mode indicator is opening with blue color when ANC function is on. b)        Make sure that earphone is connecting to Iphone4 or above, Andriod phones such as SAMSUNG ,Mi, HUAWEI etc..  c)        Device is not responding to remote control buttond)       Ensure you are using a compatible device list above.e)        Make sure the earphone is securely plugged into the earphone jack on the device.3.        Device no charginga)        Try another charging cable or power socket.b)        Make sure the charging socket on the earphone is clean, no rust, no deformation. Safety Instructionsa)        The earphone is installed a lithium battery inside , please do not put it on the ambient with high temperature, wet or exposed to direct sunlight .b)        Do not put the earphone into fire or water , otherwise it may cause the damage or explosion.c)        Earphone contains small parts that may cause choking hazard, children under 3 years old are not allowed to play.d)       During use , if earphones come out over-heat or abnormal noise, please stop using it immediately.e)        When charging, please use the safety chargers and charging wires.f)         Always turn down the volume control before plugging the earphones, to avoid volume level too high.g)        Maintenance and service operations are only to be carried out by authorized dealersh)        Do not use the earphones where vehicular traffic is present, or in any other activity where a failure to hear surrounding sounds could be dangerous.

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