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Fiber Laser Machine

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Jinan Missile CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China fiber laser machine manufacturers,Website:, welcome to import quality fiber laser machine from our factory and check the price with us.MS-F1325 High precision fiber laser cutting machine Cutting ParametersCutting ParametersMS-F200MS-F300MS-F-500MS-F700MS-F1000(W)/ POWER2003005007001000(M/MIN)CUTTING SPEED1MM681216201.5MM34710132MM1.22.54.58103MM0. application of industryApply to metal sheet processing,aviation,aerospace,electronics,electrical appliances , automobile fittings,subway,food machinery,textile machinery,engineering machinery,precision parts ,ship,metallurgy equipment,elevator,home appliances, kichenware ,crafts gifts,processing tools ,decoration,advertising,metal foreign processing manufacturing industry .Main FeaturesCompared with other media laser equipment, Missile fiber machine has advantages in smaller focused spot, narrow kerf, high precision, fine slotted roughness, and no re-treatment after cutting the following process.The laser processing energy density is large,short duration of action, a small heat affected zone,little thermal deformation and thermal stress,and the laser processing is non-contact that there is no mechanical stress on the work pieces.It is very suitable for precision machiningThe high energy density of the laser is sufficient to melt any metal,particularly suitable for processing materials with high hardness,high brittleness,high melting point,which other process means are hard to process.Low processing cost .One-time investment for this equipment is a little expensive,but a large number of continuous processing can finally make the costs down,and bring you more benefits.5. The laser processing is non-contact, so it has small inertia, high processing speed. Supporting CAD/CAM programming software, it is time-saving. It has very high overall efficiency.6. Gantry CNC machine body design, using high-intensity whole body welding, and high temperature annealing, is to protect the high-speed cutting of stability./Technical parametersMSLF-1325MSLF-1530MSLF-2030/Working size1300*2500mm1500*3000mm2000*3000mm/Machine size2500*3800*1650mm3200*4500*1650mm3800*4800*1650mm/Resolution±0.05mm/m±0.05mm/m±0.05mm/m/Running speed20m/min20m/min20m/min/Net Weight3000kg3500kg4000kg/Working voltage220V±10%/20A220V±10%/20A220V±10%/20A

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