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Fiber Laser Welding Machine

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Shenzhen MG Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China fiber laser welding machine manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with professional factory we are always able to produce low price fiber laser welding machine, laser welder machine, cnc laser welding machine with reliable quality.Optical fiber transmission laser welding machine working principle: 1.The principle of negative energy feedback is that the laser emits a small part of the energy at the same time, the input energy feedback probe;2.According to the laser energy setting, energy feedback controller to compare the size of the laser energy;3.Control the intelligent power from time to time to modify the energy of the laser, keep the stability of the laser energy;4.The optical fiber transmission laser welding machine is the use of energy fiber, the solid laser generated 1064nm laser, through the laser coupling technology to the optical fiber, and then the fiber in the laser through the output mirror to the workpiece surface, to achieve the purpose of welding;5.With optical fiber transmission laser, you can use the flexibility of the fiber, so that the laser can be arbitrary angle to the workpiece processing, to achieve a Multi-dimensional flexible processing;6.The optical fiber to laser energy and homogenization effect, you can take the laser beam energy output, and the laser beam uniformity, the laser beam quality is better, improve the quality of welding.Advantages: 1.Use of full laser power sampling, no effect of xenon lamp aging and mechanical swing, laser output rate is less than 3%;2.Use of advanced laser power real-time feedback control system, avoid the impact due to electric network fluctuation, water temperature fluctuation, xenon lamp aging causes of laser energy. Make the solder joint size uniform, same depth of welding;3.Can do time splitting, energy splitting, suitable for a variety of different applications, can be more than one processing station;4.After the optical fiber transmission, laser light quality is good, the light spot is fine, the energy distribution is even;5.The initial period of power stability, small change, improve product qualification rate.  Battery  Stainless  Stainless

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