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Fiber Optic Gyro Ins

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NS-FGI1100 Fiber optic inertial navigation systemFGI1100 Inertial navigation system using triaxial fiber optic gyro sensitive vector angular motion,Website:, the proportion of digital signal output with the carrier movement angular rate; three orthogonal collocation of quartz flexure accelerometer gauge carrier sensitive linear acceleration, output with the proportion of current signal and current after I-F conversion circuit switching frequency signal input navigation computer. Computer navigation gyro, accelerometer, external data of GPS receiver, system error compensation calculation, navigation solution and to the provisions of the cycle guide through the monitoring port for external sending real-time speed, position, attitude and navigation information.The initial alignment of FGI1100 is divided into two modes: static alignment and double position alignment. The position accuracy of the two position alignment is higher than that of the static alignment.        FGI1100 inertial navigation systemPure inertial modeGNSS assisted   navigation mode(External receiver)Azimuth alignment accuracy≤ 0.1° sec lat(1σ)Azimuth alignment accuracy≤ 0.1° sec lat(1σ)Horizontal attitude alignment accuracy≤ 0.02°(1σ)Horizontal attitude alignment accuracy≤ 0.02°(1σ)Azimuth holding accuracy0.05° /hAzimuth holding accuracy≤0.05°sec lat(1σ)Horizontal attitude holding accuracy0.03° /hHorizontal attitude holding accuracy≤ 0.01°(1σ)Positioning accuracy(50

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