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Fiber Polish Machine Sm-01a

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Description 1. Fiber polishing machine Overview  The fiber polishing machine developed with the use of industrial grade industry-specific microcomputer, this fiber polishing machine development and into set motor speed, time and count in an organic whole, the fiber polishing machine improves the stability of the machine. The fiber polishing machine is dopting advanced technology.2. The fiber polishing machine product introduction:  The fiber polishing machine designed for Polish ceramic, quartz, glass, metal and plastic etc. And this fiber polishing machine can manufacture various standard optical fiber connectors: FC/UPC, SC/UPC, ST/UPC, LC/UPC, MU/UPC, FC/APC, SC/APC, MT - RJ, E2000 etc various types of optical fiber connectors should may at any time storage, edit pressure and time parameters.This fiber polishing machine is easy to change jig and polishing films, simple to disassemble and increase pressure.3. Our this automatic central pressurized fiber polishing machine stored edit pressure and time parameters at any time, unloading and very expediency to load, unload and exchange Polish fixtures and films on the fiber polishing machine.4. This fiber polishing machine quality is stable and high quality, low repair rate and defect. And the fiber polishing machine designed to adjust velocity, to insure polishing quality. And fiber polishing machine speed can be adjusted at any time (0 ~ 170rpm).5. The fiber poslihing machine production high efficiency (number of units can be composed of parallel lines) and (countable sets of production line)and compact to establish production line.6. This fiber polishing machine is consumables save, grinding cost is low. The fiber polishing machine can save polishing films and reduce polishing cost. And water can be used as polishing liquid, saving product cost.7. Atmosphere/water and power supply are designed in respectively, to insure operation is safety. The fiber polishing machine junction with respectively and module control to make repair easy.Our this fiber polishing machine is prositive and negative rotation,easy to handle and adjust. In addition, machineFeatures ● Stepless speed regulating● Buttons speed adjustment, speed range: 0n/m~170rpm, Each time you press the speed control key speed. ● Automatic fixed time● Timing function with the countdown display. Timer time to the machine, time up automatic stop working.● Automatic count● Each time you press the button, the counter automatically increase 1 times, used to grind paper used times of memory.● Grinding speed can be adjusted from 0 to 170rpm.Specification Fiber Optical Polish Machine - SM-01A Parameter ModelSM-01APolish Disc Diameter112mmPolish Time Set999.9 seconds(MAX)Polish Disc Rotary Speed10rpm ~ 280rpmOffset<10umPressure2.1kg ~ 3.6kgf/cm/(sg)Working Temperature-10 ℃ to +50 ℃TimerOne TimerWeight28kgDimension430mmx250mmx560mm

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