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Fiber Polishing Film

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Description Greentel offers various Polishing Films/Lapping Films for fiber optic connector and optical fiber polishing. Polishing Films are made of diamond, silicon carbide and aluminum oxide and in 0.03, 0.5, 1, 3, 6, 9, 15 and 30um. They are ideal for polishing fiber optic connectors in various grit and particle sizes.Features: 1)Ideal for the final polish of optical connector end face Polishes optical connector end face without scratches or residues. Also, there is no adhesion of polishing film binder or silica grains.2)Delivers the same long life as ADS film.Has stable polishing force while both maintains final finish performance and achieves an extended life-span. Attains a high performance polish with distilled water.3) A great improvement for the problem of fiber indentation A sharp improvement in the indentation problems that occur especially in φ1.25mm ferrule, from repeated use polishing. Even after many usages it can still protect against sudden occurrences of fiber indentation.Specification ModelGritSizeMaterialThicknessPackingADS0.03um5"  (127mm)SiO275um100pcs/packDPP-0.50.5um5"  (127mm)diamond75um100pcs/packDPP-11um5"  (127mm)diamond75um100pcs/packDPP-33um5"  (127mm)diamond75um100pcs/packDPP-66um5"  (127mm)diamond75um100pcs/packDPP-99um5"  (127mm)diamond75um100pcs/packDPP-1515um5"  (127mm)diamond75um100pcs/packDPP-3030um5"  (127mm)diamond75um100pcs/pack

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