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Fiberglass Cast Tape

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Product Description
Fiberglass Cast:A popular alternative to traditional plaster casting material, fiberglass cast tape offers increased strength, stability, durability, and water-resistance. Unlike plaster, which is only available in white, fiberglass cast tape is offered in a variety of colors. The casting tape is submerged in cool water, starting a chemical reaction that causes the tape to harden within five minutes. The wet tape is applied to the fracture site as needed, and will be fully dry and ready to bear weight within 30 minutes. The fiberglass tape can be removed with traditional cast saw, spreaders, and bandage scissors.Product benefit:1.Solid faster than plaster cast2.Many bright colors 3.Lighter and better breathability than Plaster cast4.Quality and quantity Stability, and Price reasonableProductDescriptionSizeQtyH2-FBC2" Fiberglass casting tape2"X 4YD(3.6M)1roll/ag,10bags/Box,12boxes/CaseH3-FBC3" Fiberglass casting tape3"X 4YD(3.6M)1roll/ag,10bags/Box,12boxes/CaseH4-FBC4" Fiberglass casting tape4"X 4YD(3.6M)1roll/ag,10bags/Box,12boxes/CaseH5-FBC5" Fiberglass casting tape5"X 4YD(3.6M)1roll/ag,10bags/Box,12boxes/CaseH6-FBC6" Fiberglass casting tape6"X 4YD(3.6M)1roll/ag,10bags/Box,12boxes/Case

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