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Fillet And Butt Welder

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Product Description

Fillet&Butt SAW Welde mainly applied in the auto welding of inner fillet & outer fillet, butt seam and lap on the bottom plate of large oil storage tank erection project.



l         Rated welding current: 600A\ 1000A

l         Minimum diameter of Inner fillet : >5M

l         Minimum diameter of outer fillet :>5M

l         Speed: 0—2000mm/min

l         Diameter of wire: standard: F3.2

l         Optional: F2.4、、F4.0、F4.8/5.0

l         Wire reel   specification/weight   inner D. F300mm/25kg

l         Control cable:15m/piece ( standard ) 

l         Welding cable: 15m/piece + ground wire 3m/piece , 120 mm2/piece 

l         Weight of tractor: 45kg

l         Size of tractor: 980mm×535mm×830mm


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