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Filter Paper Tea Bag With Thread Tag And Envelope Packing Machine

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DXDCT-100 B Filter paper tea bag with thread tag and envelop packing machine It is suitable for automatically packing tea products, such as frag mental tea, medicinal tea, herb tea and so on. The machine is a latest type of heated sealing packing machine, which has multifunction, can automatically packing. The main feature of the machine is one-time packing for the inner and outer bag, avoiding hands directly contacting with stuff materials, improving the efficiency. The inner bag is made of filter cotton paper, which can be automatically packed with thread and label. The outer bag is composite paper. The advantages are photoelectric location for the tag and outer bag, adjustment to the need of the content, length of inner bag and outer bag, and tag. The dimension of inner and outer bag can be adjusted according to the need that to achieve the perfect shape, to upgrade the appearance for the product, then add the value of it.  Technical Data:      ModelDXDCT-100B      (inner bag with thread and tag, with envelop)Packaging speed(bag/min)30-45Filling range(g)1-3Bag size (mm)Inner  bag      Width:40-80 length:50-70      Outer bag      Width: 60-90 Length:70-120Tag size  (mm)Width 40-55  Length 20-24Thread  length155Power  (V/kw)220 /3.7 Dimension(mm)1200*900*1900Weight500kg

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