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Fire Resistant Quartz Stone

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As one of the leading China fire resistant quartz stone manufacturers and suppliers, Bitto Industry (Dongguan) Co.,Ltd is waiting for you to wholesale customized quartz stone tiles, glossy quartz stone from our factory. fire resistant quartz stone The melting point of quartz crystal is top to 1300 degree centigrade, this degree is higher than the value of daily products, so this countertop material can bear the high temperature of scorching iron, boiling water,and boiling oil etc. and do not lead to any melt and breakage. Not long it is fire resistant! 1. Compositon OF Bitto fire resistant Quartz Stone Bitto quartz stone slabs are composed of 93% high-quality imported natural quartz and 6% resin as well as 1% pigments & activites. It is absolutely resistant to fire! 2.Standard sizes and thickness of Bitto fire resistant quartz stone. A.Standard size of quartz slab:  2400*750mm,  2400*1500mm, 3050*750mm, 3050*1500mm, 3200*1600mm. B.Thickness: 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm. 3.Colors of Bitto fire resistant quartz stone:  Bitto quartz stone has rich existing colors for customers’ choice. There are more than 68 colors in total: Solid colors, Multiple colors, Simple colors and Platinum colors.  Different Colors Can Be Customized For You! 4.Weight and loading information of Bitto fire resistant quartz stone:  12mm: 29kg/ sqm,  15mm: 36kg/sqm,  20mm: 48kg/sqm, 30mm: 73kg/sqm.  5.Application:Bitto fire resistant quartz stone is widely used as kitchen countertop, vanity top, reception desk(top), table top, wall panels, flooring tiles, window sill...etc. 6.haracteristics of Bitto fire resistant quartz stone a.Stain resistant             b.Superior hardness&scratch resistant c.Antibacterial capability&environmental protection d.Superior high temperature resistant e.UV protection&aging resistant f.The first company which has passed the test of National Fire Detection Center and been conferred on Fireproof Material.  g. Highly fire-resistant

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