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Firebird Game Machine

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Qicheng Dongman Company is one of the top level China firebird game machine manufacturers and suppliers, with professional factory we are able to offer you high-quality and CE best firebird game machine at competitive price. Welcome to buy fashion or wholesale new products from us.Firebird + game play:2, Jinlong 250 times to 350 times, 200 times and 100 times silver dragon, dragon dinosaur, 400 times, 400 to 900 times the fire phoenix.3, armed with the golden shark comes with 30 times, after a certain range of fish also disappeared.4, armed with green shark comes with 40 times, 10 seconds after the disappearance of the full screen picture.5, armed orange shark comes with 50 times, the disappearance of the full screen after the fish will disappear.6, with such awards, kill two birds with one stone, catch all in one draft after the disappearance of 1 to 3, the screen similar fish disappeared.7, the energy of the net hit the fish all doubled calculation.8, with Yorkshire and Sixi function, the mermaid 40 to 80 times, players network loss Mermaid can randomly into the reverse the universe or strike will game.+

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