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Flame Retardant Foam With Adhesive

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CYG Tefa Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China flame retardant foam with adhesive manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale flame retardant foam with adhesive products from us.Quick DetailsPlace of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)Brand Name:CYGModel Number:made-to-orderMaterial:PEThickness:1mm-100mmSize:customizedexpansion ratio:3-40 timesdensity:25-330 kg/m3thickness:0.5-100 mmwidth:within 2500 mm. OEM service is welcomedcolor:all kinds of colorhardness:15-80size:customizedType:Waterproof MembranePackaging & DeliveryPackaging Details:PE bags or as requestsDelivery Detail:15-20 working daysProduct Description1. Heat Insulation: Singlefoaming structure can reduce the loss of heat between air convections, suitable for making heat preservation pipes and boards. Good anti-dew capability, suitable for humid environments like refrigerators, air-conditioners and ice houses, etc. 2. Cushion Capability: Semihard quality foams have good rebound capabilities after strong impact, suitable for the packing of instruments, semi-conductors and electronics, etc. 3. Sound Absorption: Good sound and noise absorption capability, suitable for sound absorption and insulation parts of automobiles, electro-motors and other equipment and environments with loud noises. 4. Shaping Capability: Good heat endurance and ductility capability with even density, suitable for making deep interior parts like shaping in vacuum and hot environments, like the air conditioning vaporizing tank of automobiles, hot-shaped peak canopy of vehicles and shoes, etc. 5.Good chemical, oil, acid and alkali durability capabilities. It is safe and odorless, easy for machining and casting, and can be mixed with many other materials. It has a wide developing area as a new environmentally-safe material.Application (1) building, civil field, roof, wall heat insulation, heat preservation, buffer, condensation prevention, waterproof, prevent leakage, anticorrosion materials; Civil various base materials;Antifreeze, shockproof buffer materials; Interior decoration, wallpaper, mattress material, etc.(2) The changes in temperature room machines, water tank, reservoir of insulation materials; Chemical plant pipe, water pipe, water pipe antifreeze and heat preservation material; The solar energy water heater, energy saving of heat insulation materials; Central air conditioning, air conditioner with heat insulation material, etc.(3) Vhicle areas: automobile inner decoration, ceiling, instrument panel, cover the old board, cooler, floor etc materials; The train trunk lining, seats, floor, decorative materials; Vehicles with wiring protection, seat, decoration materials.(4) packing areas: glass, ceramics and fragile goods packaging, electronic appliances, components, household electrical appliances protection packaging materials, lighter, clocks and watches, all pen protection materials, medical equipment transport buffer materials; Furniture transportation protection materials.(5) culture and sports, general cargo areas: school teaching materials, children's toys, sports with all kinds of cushion, surfing board, swimming jacket, float and buffer materials; Kitchen sink, mat, bath tank lid and slippers, hats, etc.(6) agriculture and forestry, aquatic areas: seedling, the miao sheets; Temperature insulation materials; Stabling house term sheet, cold storage insulation materials; Fruit packing.(7) other areas: aircraft interior decoration materials, ship in thermal insulation, buffer, buoyancy, safe air conditioning until the special materials; The train thermal insulation, decorative materials; Ice truck, living fresh car insulation materials; Natural gas, gas pipe protection materials.our service1.Medium and high quality are often customized to meet different market2.factory direct selling 3.low price4.short delivery time5.customizedCertificate authentication :We complied with SGS, ROHS ,ISO9001,UL and other international standards.Comany infoCYG TEFA Co.,LtdWe're the biggest and the most professionalirradiation crosslinked polyethylene conductive foam manufacturer in China and has the most complete crosslinked polyethylene foam products. Our main products are Crosslinked PE foam material, IXPE foam, XPE foam,Conductive IXPE foam; ESD foam tray, ESD packing material;Beach mat,camping mat ,sleeping mat, yoga mat;etc.Our clients are Iphone,Samsung,Gree,Haier,TCL,Adidas,Nike,Flextronics,General Motors,BYD,PPL,etc.Density200±30125±15100±1066.7±850±640±433.3±3Hardness60-7050-6045-5035-4530-352-3018-25Water absorption(23°C 24h)g/cm³≤0.02≤0.02≤0.03≤0.03≤0.04≤0.04≤0.05Thermal conductivity≤0.092≤0.082≤0.07≤0.062≤0.053≤0.047≤0.041Tensile strength(mpa)L≥1.35≥1.12≥0.88≥0.68≥0.39≥0.33≥0.25 M≥1.08≥0.89≥0.71≥0.56≥0.33≥0.25≥0.20TesibilityL≥260≥230≥210≥190≥170≥160≥140 M≥220≥200≥185≥170≥150≥135≥130Tearing strengthL≥5.90≥4.80≥3.60≥2.80≥1.80≥1.60≥1.35 M≥7.10≥5.40≥4.00≥3.30≥2.30≥2.00≥1.70

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