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Flame Retardant Tape

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Product Description
Product Model No Mian MaterialCAS NoMF Place of OriginFlame Retardant tape663Zbutyl9003-27-4BiPbShanghai,China1、Description Flame Retardant Tape is a type of flame retardant, non-spoliation sealing material which is made from high quality rubber, plasticizer, it has good performance on fire resistance, smoke plugging.2、Application areaIt is used for sealing of any kinds of holes on the auto body, high building, electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric wire, cable systems project, etc , so that to prevent fire from which getting through. 3、UsageTear off the release paper, sick to the application place, compact it.4、Advantage1.Non-solidified, excellent elastic deformation,thus have good flame retardant;2.Non-toxic, odorless, no corrosive, environmental friendly;3.good self-adhesive, easy application;4.No flowing under high temperature,no cracking under low temperature,go flexibility.5、StorageShelf life is 24 months. This product is non-flammable materials, but don’t store them near the heat source, and prevent them from direct sunlight in order to avoid distortion.

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