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Flanges Manufacturer

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Common Types:

   Welding Neck

   Slip On


   Socket Weld  

   Lap Joint  



   Long Welding Neck


   Drip Rings

   Spectacle Plates



  Common Materials:  

   Carbon forged steel= SA105N  

   High yield carbon forged steel = SA694 F42/F46/F52/F60/F65

   Carbon low alloy forged steel = SA350/LF1/LF2/LF3/LF6, SA707 L5

   Stainless Steels Austenitic For High Temperature Services = SA182/F304/F304L/F304H/F316/ F316L/F347.,

   Low Alloy Steels for high temperature Services = SA182/F5/F11.,

   All other special grades of steels Exotic Materials are available on request.  



  Common Dimension:  


   Size Standards = # 150, # 300, # 400, # 600, # 900, # 1500 & # 2500 #5000 #10000

   (Low & High WT)

   Manufacturing Standards = ASME B16.5, B16.47 Series A & B, AWWA, DIN


  Common Sizes Range:   

   ½" to 72" (in all Schedules)  

   Larger sizes are available on request bases.  


   All other special grades of steels Exotic Materials are available on request




Established in 2002, Estan Pipe Fittings Manufacturing Co., Ltd is the leading global manufacturer and suppliers of Pipes, Fittings and Flanges. We continue to service and supply the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Industries, Offshore & Onshore, Energy Industries, Nuclear, LNG, Mining & Mineral Industries, and Desalination etc on a global scale.


We are the market leaders in Europe & US and have been expanding our business to offer our products and services to prospective clients in Middle East & Northern Africa.


Estan Pipe Fittings has led the hard banding industry since pioneering the use of Pipes, Fittings and Flanges decade ago.



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