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Flash Dryer

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If you want to contact with one of the leading flash dryer manufacturers and suppliers in China, equipped with one productive flash dryers, flash drying, air flash dryer, forced air flesh dryer factory, Wuxi Sundry Engineering Co.,Ltd is always at your service.Flash dryer IntroductionFlash dryer is a drying, crushing, screening in one of the new continuous drying equipment, especially for the paste, paste material. The major products are heater, feeder, stirring crushing system, classifier, drying competent, cyclone separator, bag filter, fan and other components.Flash Dryer FeaturesVery intimate contact with air/gas streamExcellent transfer of energyIdeal for heat sensitive, explosive or reactive productsSmall real estate requirementsFlash tube is flexible, can be routed within plant constraintsLow maintenance - few moving partsHigh temperature operationDryer PrincipleFlash drying uses a heated gas to pneumatically convey the feed up a flash tube and into a primary air separation device; most commonly a cyclone. Air is induced or forced into the feed area through a hot gas generator where it entrains the feed and flashes off the moisture as it conveys. The product is fed into the throat of the feed area in a controlled fashion. The particles attain a velocity in the order of 80% of the conveying velocity. Secondary dust collection are required for fine products.Technical ParameterModelBody inside Diameter(mm)Air intake(m3 /h)water evaporation(kg/h)Power(kw)Height(m)Cover Area(m2)XZG-2.5250500-80023-309.55415XZG-44001150-230058-7321.44.627XZG-66002500-5100130-16334.25.539XZG-88004500-900238-29763.56.040XZG-1010007000-13500345-430686.555XZG-12120010000-20000515-645946.862XZG-14140016600-28000730-9101307.089XZG-16160018000-38100963-12031607.2160* If any change in the above table, subject shall prevail without notice*The table cannot include all products, please contact with our sales engineering for more informationFlash Dryer ApplicationApply paste, slurry-like cake and other materials, frame filter press or centrifuge dewatering materials. Such as:1.Inorganic: boric acid, calcium carbonate, calcium hydroxide, copper sulfate, iron oxide, barium carbonate, antimony trioxide, metal hydroxides, various heavy metal salts, synthetic and so on;2.Organic compounds: pesticides, benzoic acid, germicide, sodium oxalate, cellulose acetate;3.Ceramic: kaolin, silicon oxide, clay and the like;4.dyes: black iron oxide, indigo pigments, butyric acid, zinc sulfide, various azo intermediate.5.Food: soy protein, starch glue doubt, distillers grains, wheat, sugar, wheat starch.Typical caseDry materials: iron phosphateMoisture content: 40%Product Moisture: 3%Water evaporation: 110KG / hInlet air temperature: 260Energy consumption: 21KW / hHeating: gas heating DirectExhaust gas treatment: bag FilterCustomized Design

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