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Flash Dryer

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QG/JG Series Flash DryerDescription:Air stream dryer is to make the wet material powder suspend and dried in the high speed hot air. It is with the characteristics of high heat transfer coefficient, large heat exchange surface and short drying time. Pneumatic drying is also called flash drying, which is a continuous and efficient fluidization drying method. The hot medium is directly contacted with the wet particles.  Particles suspend in the high speed hot air, which greatly increases the contact surface and strengthens the process of heat and mass transportation. Pneumatic dryer is widely applied in the drying of bulk materials.Features:1.Powerful drying, low investment, and high evaporation capacity(50kgH2O/h-2000KgH2O/h).2.Short drying time. Suitable for processing heat-sensitive materials. Finished products do not contact with the environment during the process, which avoid pollution and ensure the quality of products.3.Equipment is sold in complete sets. Heater options: steam or oil/coal/gas furnace.Technical Parameters:ModelEvaporation Capacity      (kg/h)Installed Power      (kw)Covering Area(m2)Height      (m)QG50506.25(8.28)2011JG50509.25(11.25)2011QGl001008.6(11.6)3212JGl0010016.1(19.1)3212QG25025020(27.5)6416JG25025031(38.5)6416QG50050048(58)9616JG50050048(58)9616QGl000100063(78)12022JGl000100078(98)12022Flow Chart:

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