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Flexible Pcb Assembly, Fast Produce Pcba Manufacturer

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Among those famous flexible pcb assembly, fast produce pcba manufacturer manufacturers, Rigao Electronics is a professional flexible pcb assembly, fast produce pcba manufacturer supplier and factory, we can offer you customized products price and quotation consultation, welcome to buy our products at low price.Product Details    Key Specifications/Special Features: PCBA manufacturer: single, double sided, multiple layer SMT and DIP hybrid board PCBA inspection, visual inspection, auto optical inspection (AOI), in circuit test, function test and x-ray inspection circuit boards 1 to 20 layers PCB layout, fabrication, PCB assembly and casing/chassis designComplicated PCB assemblies are availableSmall orders are acceptedPurchasing all components (active and passive) directly from original manufacturersOffering the price for clients within 3 working daysBusiness philosophy: integrity based, quality focused and to seek long-term sustainable partnership with international customers.Types:Single-sided,   Double-sided, Multi-layers (max 6 layers) and Rigid-flexible PCB,   Aluminium boardSurface   Finishing:HASL(LF),   Gold plating, Electroless nickel immersion gold, Immersion   Tin,OSP(Entek)Base   Material:Polyimide(Kapton),   Polyester(PET), Aluminium, FR4Copper   Foil:ED/RAMin.   Line Width:2   milMin.   Line Spacing:2   milMin.   Hole Size:0.2mmMax.   Board Size:800x400mmMin.   Board Thickness:0.1mmMin.   Solder Mask Thickness:10umSolder   Mask Types:Green,   yellow, black, white, blue, red and clearProfiling:Punching,   Routing, V-cutSoldering   Thermal Resistance:300°C/10   secondsPeeling   Strength:≥1.4kg/cmSurface   Resistance:105mΩInsulation   Resistance:105mΩDielectric   Strength:9.8x105v/cmFlammability:UL-94V-0Performance   Test:100%   electrical and electricity performance testAdvantages: Our company product focus on quick turn around PCB, small and medium volume PCB,1- 30 layer board including High density interconnection board, High frequency, High TG, impedance control,thick copper. Aluminum substrate, flexible board and rigid-flexible board. Lead time:single side2 layer4 layer6 layer8 layer10 layer12 layerprototype0.5-3 days0.5-41.5-52-63-74-84-9bulk production3-54-75-95-96-106-107-11

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