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Flexible Wood Drill Bit

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Product Description
Flexible drill bit is a kind of special wood drill bit,Website:http://www.hzgshardware.com, which is made of 65#high carbon steel and is used to drill holes in all types of wood.it has some extraordinary advantages as follows :1) Fully heated and tempered 2) Easy for pulling wire and clampig screws in thin sections.3) Aggressive point enables effective drilling and long durability.4) Wide flutes design makes fast chip removing.5) Apply to all drill chuck.     Part No    Metric  Imperial  GS-C12010    10mm    3/8”  GS-C12013    13mm    1/2”  GS-C12014    14mm    9/16”  GS-C12016    16mm     5/8”  GS-C12019    19mm     3/4”  GS-C12025    25mm     1”  GS-C12032    32mm     1-1/4”

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