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Float Shoe And Float Collar

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Product Description
Float Shoe and Float CollarFloat Shoe and Float Collar are used as kind of casing guide shoe or coupling, which could produce buoyancy, also could be used to replace guide shoe or casing shoe in the Oil and Gas wells drilling operation.Feature: High temperature resistance, fine sealing performance, drillable, easy connection.Technical Parameter--Float Shoe and Float CollarSize (Inch)OD(mm)Length(mm)ID(mm)Min. Drift(mm)ThreadPressure(Mpa)  Float Collar5141.3050011050 BTC/LTC/STC/VAM/NEW-VAM/VAM TOP/FOX/TP-CQ/OTTM355-1/2153.6753011255357194.46586162.5077359-5/8270.00720225773513-3/8365.00720319773520533.407204757735  Float Shoe5140.3049511050355-1/2153.6751412255357194.46533162.5077359-5/8269.88550225773513-3/8339.70550319773520534.006524757735 If you have any requirements, please feel free to contact us by sales@sxgtpm.com

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