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Float Shoe And Float Collar

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Product Description
Float Shoe and Float CollarFloat Shoe and Float Collar are used as kind of casing guide shoe or coupling,Website:http://www.gaotondrill.com, which could produce buoyancy, also could be used to replace guide shoe or casing shoe in the Oil and Gas wells drilling operation.Feature: High temperature resistance, fine sealing performance, drillable, easy connection.Technical Parameter--Float Shoe and Float CollarSize (Inch)OD(mm)Length(mm)ID(mm)Min. Drift(mm)ThreadPressure(Mpa)  Float Collar5141.3050011050 BTC/LTC/STC/VAM/NEW-VAM/VAM TOP/FOX/TP-CQ/OTTM355-1/2153.6753011255357194.46586162.5077359-5/8270.00720225773513-3/8365.00720319773520533.407204757735  Float Shoe5140.3049511050355-1/2153.6751412255357194.46533162.5077359-5/8269.88550225773513-3/8339.70550319773520534.006524757735 If you have any requirements, please feel free to contact us by sales@sxgtpm.com

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