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Float Valve Sub

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Float Valve SubFloat Valve Sub is usually connected on the top of the bit to control down hole liquid. While stopping pump and connecting with single, it can prevent waterhole from being plugged by re-flowing drilling. When blowout occurs, it can serve as splash valve to prevent liquid flowing into drilling tools.Type: Plunger Type Float Valve and Flapper Type Float Valve.StructureFloat valve sub consists of sub, float valve unit and accessory extractor. While using, float valve unit should be put into joint body. Float valve unit is composed of body, sealed ring, seal gland, valve bonnet, torsional spring and  limit marker.PrincipleWorking principle of float valve sub is rather simple.When normal drilling and pumping circulation,the bonnet of float valve unit will be opened completely.If well kick or pumping off occurred,the bonnet will close waterhole depends on elastic force of torsional spring.It can prevent blowout in the drilling tool.Float subs are used to house a float valve, also known as a back pressure valve. The float valve functions as a safety between the well bore and the inside of the drill string to prevent drilling fluids from back flowing up toSurface.Technical Parameters-- Float Valve Sub Model Sub O.D.(mm) Joint connection Valve O.D.(mm) I.D.(mm)FFJT241241.37 5/8 REGф121ф76FFJT228228.67 5/8 REGф121ф76FFJT209209.66 5/8 REGф121ф76FFJT203203.26 5/8 REGф121ф71FFJT178177.84 1/2 IFф98ф71FFJT165165.14 1/2 REGф88ф57FFJT1461464 1/2 REGф88ф57FFJT1211213 1/2 REGф61ф51FFJT1081083 1/2 REGф61ф38 If you have any further requirements, please feel free to contact us by sales@sxgtpm.com

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