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Floating Fountain Large Lake Outdoor Water Fountains

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Fountain Photo.Floating Fountain Large Lake Outdoor Water Fountains is named from its installation form. Different from the normal fountain that installed on the water pond or underground,Website:http://www.fountains-show.com, the Floating Fountain is installed on the floating tanks, which could rise or drop with the water level, so the fountain working would not be affected by seasonal water level changing.Product DescriptionThe applicable types of fountain could be both Musical Fountain and Program Controlling Fountain.The floating tanks are made by steel or stainless steel plates with anti-corrosion painting, which insures its servicing life. It is widely used in large nature or artificial lake or river.Huanyu Technologies is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of fountain & waterscape equipments in China who can provide the whole solution of waterscape for clients. with rich experience for giving technical guides for overseas' project,, we offer you reasonable and economical installation servicesWhat information we need from you, to make a suitable fountain proposal:a. Fountain Type(multimedia software control, music dancing, program control, static)b. Fountain Site(Sea, Lake or River, Concrete Water Pool)c.  Fountain Size & Water Depth(Length & Width, Diameter, picture or CAD drawing) d. Water Quality (fresh water or sea water) e. Power Supply(voltage, frequency, single phase or 3 phase)f. Target Budget (if you have) g. Special Requirements (if you have)

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