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Flourescent Inks

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FLUORESCENT INKSHUADA fluorescent inks had the image that compared to common inks they lack in consistency effects and require a thick film, however, HUADA ink overturns this image completely.HUADA Flash’s beautiful coloring and renders beautiful fluorescent color of high consistency.FOR DESIGNERSHUADA Flash is most effective for designs using primary color for solid printing.1.Mixing HUADA Flash with common ink of same color enables bright color of high consistency- this was unthinkable with the conventional inks.2.Applying HUADA Flash VIVA Yellow to yellow plate and HUADA Flash VIVA Pink to red plate enables an extremely bright printing product. With regard to dot reproduction in offset printing, 80% of dot reproduction is achievable with a film thickness of 3.0g/㎡.3.Apply multi coats of same color to get an eye-catching fluorescent color of higher consistency.4.Whiter the paper used the better the effects.5.Pay attention that compared to common inks fluorescent inks are far less lightfast.6.Following methods are recommended for gloss varnishes processing. ● Use offset or letterpress printing method. ● Use Polypropylene film.(However, note that gloss varnish processing decreases color strength)FOR PRINTERS PRINTER1.Thoroughly clean the printing press (ink fountain, roller) prior to use.2. The ink is adjusted to be used as it is, however, in case dilution is required, due to quality of paper, handle it like you would handle any general-purpose ink.

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