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Fluff Roll

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Product Description
Fluff Roll:This cotton gauze roll has been washed and fluff dried, creating a soft sterile bandage with increased bulk for superior wound protection and cushioning. The fluff roll offers all of the same benefits as a traditional gauze bandage – absorption, moisture wicking, and dressing stabilization – but also enhances patient comfort when used as either a primary or secondary dressing material. Wrap directly onto a clean wound or wrap around a gauze sponge to create a secure, conforming bandage that promotes proper airflow, uncompromised range of motion, and added protection against further injury and infection.Thread: 40s/40s, Mesh: 12x6, 12x8size(inch)plyPack (Sterile)Packaging (Non-Sterile)2"X3.5 yards4,6,8ply1 roll/pack100 roll/pack3"X4.1 yards4,6,8ply1 roll/pack100 roll/pack3.4"x3.6 yards4,6,8ply1 roll/pack100 roll/pack4"X4.1 Yards4,6,8ply1 roll/pack100 roll/pack4.5"x3.6yards4,6,8ply1 roll/pack100 roll/pack4.5"x4.1yards4,6,8ply1 roll/pack100 roll/pack

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