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Fluoro Carbon Coating

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PVDF resin content is 70% and above,which have reached various target of USA construction materials institute AAMA2605-05,Film have super-weather resistance capacity and corrosion resistance capacity.We adopt high quality weather resistance inorganic porcelain paint to make products possess stable multicolour and maintainability.Testing ItemTesting RequirementFunctionGlossASTM D523 (60°)Middle and low glossPencil HardnessASTM D3363≥HAdhesionGB5237.5-2008Fim not come offImpacting TestGB5237.5-2008passAcid-proof10% hydrochloric acid testASTM DB08Visually undifferentiated for 15 minutesMortar TestGB5237.5-2008Visually undifferentiated for 24 hours70% nitric acid testGB5237.5-200830 minutes,△E≤5Wear and tear resistant textASTM D968≥40L/milDetergent resistanting testTemperature 38°C ,3% immersion,ASTM D 2248,Soak for 72 hours,ASTM D3359No bubbles no peeling for 72 hoursDamp resistanting testTemperature 38°C,100% dampness ,4000 hours,ASTM D 2247No bubbles or Max 8 class for ASTM D714Salt fog testASTM B 117,5%NaCL,4000 hoursScratch edge is min 7 cass ,other area is 8 class(ASTM D 1654) after 4000 hours

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