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Foam Dressing

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Product Description
Features: ● Highly absorbent, it can absorb lots of exudates and reduce maceration to the skin.● It has the function of “keeping water inside”.● There can be a layer of waterproof and scmi-pcrmcablc polyurethane film to prevent water, external bactcrial and foreign matter from going into the wound.● Providing moist environment for the wound and make the wound heal faster.● Non-adherent to the wound, foam dressing will not stick on the wound when being removed, no pain will be created.● It is soft, elastic and comfortable to the skin and can keep the wound from being pressed.● Besides the above functions, silver ion foam dressing is also antibacterial.● Various in shape and size to meet different clinical needs.Conditions: ● It is adaptable to different phases of wound especially to all kinds of highly exudated wounds.● I-II degree bum wound.● For bum wound, face-lifting, donated and donation wound.● Ulcer, bedsore, pressure ulcers and cavity wound.● All kinds of post-operation surgery wound and injuries.● Silver ion foam dressing is especially adaptable to infected wounds with lots of exudates.Direction for use: 1.lean the wound with saline water before using and make the skin around the wound dry.2.Foam dressing 2cm bigger than the wound should be chosen to cover the wound.3.When the exudate is 2cm close the foam dressing edge, it is indicated that foam dressing should be changed.4.It can be used together with other dressings.

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